New! CMS Tracers add-on demo:

If you are an existing Tracers customer, register here to see the new CMS Tracers add-on (only available for Hospital and CAH settings). 

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Tracers with AMP (for all settings)
1 hour session

Do you have a process for identifying your unknown risks? During this demo, we will show you how Tracers with AMP can help you identify areas of noncompliance and uncover opportunities for improvement. We will also highlight the new CMS module which can help you to continuously assess and trend readiness with both Joint Commission EPs and CMS Conditions of Participation (CoPs).

Upcoming Dates

E-dition Compliance Monitor® Plus (ECM® Plus) (for Hospitals)
30 minute session

How do you keep track of all the federal and state regulations? Join us for a demonstration on how ECM Plus can save you time and help you stay on top of hospital federal and state regulatory requirements.

CMSAccess® (for Hospitals)
30 minute session

Is your hospital staff ready for a CMS Survey? Join us for a demonstration on how CMSAccess can help you quickly and effectively prepare for a successful hospital CMS survey.